William Beveridge and Other Old Men.

Hello! I haven’t updated this in a long long time. Who knows why? Maybe its because there just hasn’t been anything happening worth writing about, or maybe its just as expected, now that we are into the new year I’d lose interest in all this blogging. Anyway, as I’ve woken up nice and early on this very snowy Tuesday morning after being out last night, I thought I’d have a go at updating this. Sorry if it’s a bit shite as I don’t really have a clear plan of what I’ll be writing about like I usually do.



So here we go. I ask myself, what has happened during this second semester of uni that started so long ago back in January? And either because it’s been awful and we haven’t done anything, or as Lewis would claim that I’m becoming more like an old man every day and  can’t remember anything, I really don’t know the answer to that question! Aye, there we go. I’m apparently turning into an old man. That’s something worth a mention. During the month of February, I visited Specsavers no less than 6 times. Might’ve been more than that but I can’t remember. (I’ll agree that that doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me I was fed up looking at the place). Basically, my eyesight is shite. In fact, it’s probably getting shiter every day. Another problem I have is my hearing. People will have conversations either in a group around me or directly to me, and during them I’ll either just not listen at all (not intentionally) or often have to interrupt with a “Whit?” or an “Ih?” as I haven’t heard a word that has been spoken. For everything I watch on the telly, I have to put subtitles (for the deaf and hard of hearing) on -which trust me, is a massive blow to the self-confidence every time. And just to make things worse, the volume still has to be up in the 60’s on the telly. This obviously applies to music too. I bought myself a new pair of speakers a few weeks ago (apparently they are very loud), and yet again I don’t even realise how loud the music is until someone comes along to my room and spouts, generally something like “We can hear that shite from the other end of the corridor!” or “Get that pish turned down a bit”. As you can tell, these comments seem to be just as much about my music taste as they are about the volume. Then, I’ll have to turn it down and sit in my own room with my ears up to the speakers to hear my own music. That was a joke. I’ve never done that. I’m exaggerating.

Obviously, I’ve still got this stupid looking beard too, which doesn’t really help with the whole ‘Old Man’ joke, does it?

Enough about that shite, I even got quite bored writing it so I can imagine how you feel. This is funny, because I’m sitting here, in my room, looking around myself thinking about what to write, when in reality I have a history essay about The Beveridge Report due on Friday which I probably should be continuing with. To make matters worse, this book is sitting right next to me as I’m typing.

I honestly never moved myself or the book to take that picture, I just took it with my phone. His eyes are fixed on me all the time, and his wee smile just suggests his unhappiness and loathing at me for ignoring him. “You should be doing your essay, mate” I can imagine him saying over and over and over again. I’ll do it later though, honest. I’ve got much more interesting things to be doing right now…

Okay then, so there we are. That has definitely filled up a good part of my Tuesday morning. Now I’m off to make some toast, then go a walk to Bridge of Allan, then maybe do a few other things before finally finishing my essay later today. I now plan to write another one of these blogs by the end of the week which will actually be about second semester and what we all got up to after I ask some people what we’ve done and take some notes on what they say.

As at the moment, I genuinely can’t remember.




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