Well, here we are at the very end of 2014. Quite simply it’s been a phenomenal year for me. So much has changed, so much has happened and I have definitely progressed a lot as a person. This is my year in 1000 words and a couple of pictures.

This blog will be my final piece of writing for the year. There is no real purpose to it as such, more just a way for me to look back at the year I’ve had and as a recollection of some of the people and events that have made it quite a good one. Laura – my uni next door neighbour – inspired me to write this one the other day as she was doing exactly this and telling me all about her “Dyno June”. She always reads these, so thanks for the great idea.

Here we go then.

2014 was the year I left school as a mature ‘head boy’ with exam results I can be proud of and an abundance of life experience; it was the year I applied, was accepted and then moved to The University of Stirling; the year in which I finally turned 18 years old (Although some might say I’ve looked and acted this age for a few years now); another year in which I worked hard week in week out at The Royal Hotel in Cumnock where I gained even more great experience and some even greater memories, sadly leaving in September to go to uni. I’m back now though while I’m home and even working on Christmas Day – feel sorry for me; A year where I passed my driving test after my fourth attempt (I’ll not be saying much about that, basically because I still can’t drive properly); and finally, it’s been a year of achieving and learning, but also one of making mistakes and moving on. Obviously the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that its been a year of gigs and beard-growing.


I suppose there are far too many things to talk about, so I’d say a few of my highlights would be a suitable way to do this. I went to T in the Park for the first time and had an unforgettable first year (of many) with a great bunch of people. Elbow were definitely the controversial Saturday highlight, with Biffy Clyro stealing the whole weekend without a doubt. I had my sixth year prom in June this year too, at which, much to my surprise I was ‘crowned’ Prom King – something which sounds so insignificant but to me meant absolutely everything. As head boy at school, I had to give a Captain’s Speech at Prize Giving – probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. However, despite the nerves I got through it and delivered what I thought was a very insightful speech which rounded off my six years at Auchinleck Academy quite nicely. Very proud. Leaving school and the life and people you’ve known for 6 years or more is quite a daunting thing. One of the most common examples of this is drifting away from some of the people that you’ve spent every single day of those six years with. There are some people that I wish I was still in contact with but the reality is that only the people you were closest to at school are the ones who will be your friends for life. Even though I don’t speak to those people every day either, I am happy to still have them in my life and hope that they will be there for a long time. Hopefully you all know who you are. Klark is actually a wonderful example of this, me and him not having been ‘best friends’ at school, but coincidentally going to the same uni and living together now. He always reads these too and I’m sure he’ll be glad to get a more positive mention this time. Seriously mate, you’ve brightened up the last few months and made me realise that not everything is about washing dishes. Thanks. Gigs are something I go to and enjoy quite regularly so it might be worth mentioning a few of this years highlights. Amongst them include Owl John at Cottiers, Fatherson at Potterrow, Kasabian at The Grand Hall and The Twilight Sad at the ABC. Although not quite making the top list, I also managed to meet Scroobius Pip after his gig in Glasgow in January and although I can’t remember a word he said to me now, he did sign my ticket and I managed to get a photo with him. Top guy. Smashing beard. Talking about beards, I decided to try and grow mine a bit after leaving school. Some say out of laziness, others say out of style – but I won’t comment. I passed my driving test in July this year too! Took me four attempts and to be honest there are people out there who would probably argue that I still shouldn’t have that pink license in my wallet, but I’ve got it now and they’re not taking it off me… Yet! Finally, rounding off what might’ve been a seemingly never-ending list for you, I though it was fitting that I should end with where I am now. Muirkirk. Home. Although I say I hate the place sometimes, it has probably made me who I am today and even after leaving for a few months, I still smile as I return each time. My friends here – although massively unsupportive of this blog – will always be my closest friends regardless, so for that I am grateful. See you all in The Bull. IMG_3557.JPG

So I suppose that’s enough about my year, eh? Hopefully there will be more of these in the New Year if I decide to keep writing. Regardless of what people think, I enjoy it, so that’s the main thing. All that remains to be said is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who might be reading this.




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