Saw, Snooker, and that other thing beginning with S.

University seems distant to us know. What with me planning to be back home for a week (the longest I’ve been home since moving to Stirling) and back working a few shifts at The Royal, I must admit I think I’ll miss the ‘uni life’ quite a bit. Thinking about the final week of semester that we spent together, it was quite a weird but enjoyable one. That week – for me anyway – essentially involved 3 things: Snooker, Saw, and eh.. Socialising? (I only added that in because of the alliteration with the ‘S’). Now I do realise that at least two of those will need further explaining. Also, I realise that the keener alliteration experts amongst you will have noticed the omission of the term ‘Studying’ – arguably an activity most students should be actively involved in during an exam diet. So I’ll explain that too.

Here goes:

1. Snooker – Now bear with me on this first one, I’ll try to keep it short. (I know what your thinking, “a risky start” and all that but try to deal with it.) I like snooker. The UK championship was on. For a snooker fan, a chance to see live BBC coverage of the second largest event of the snooker calendar is one which cannot be missed. So for this reason, I had it on the TV in my room almost every single day. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I am proud to say that by the end of the tournament I managed to have about 4 other people sitting in my room for (the majority) of the final watching it with me, and had Klark tweeting about “that O’Sullivan character making snooker exciting” after he accomplished his 13th 147 break before going on to win the tournament with a broken ankle. A true genius. Anyway, enough about snooker. It took up the most part of my week so it had to go first, sorry about that.

2. Saw – Another weird one, yes? This concerns the 7 part franchise of Saw movies which have often been very negatively reviewed – however I decided to watch them all anyway. I had never seen all 7 of the films before, only having seen Saw and Saw II previously. Weirdly, what got me started on the notion to watch them all was actually my 75 year old gran. This came about on my previous visit back home a few weeks ago, upon visiting my gran and seeing her DVD collection. Somehow, Saw was there and I was encouraged to take it back to uni with me, so I did. (I’m not sure if she knows there are 7 of them but I don’t think the first one impressed her very much). Anyway, I found myself amidst the gruesome and gory ‘games’ of the Jigsaw Killer (often in between or after snooker matches) and whilst the films were not brilliant and enjoyable as such, something about them leaves you intrigued, confused and willing, to watch the next instalment. That’s exactly what I did over and over. Sometimes it was difficult to watch – for example, a man getting his skull cut open with a scalpel and then drilled with an electric drill, or a woman trapped in a pit of needles searching for a key to save her life like a “needle in a haystack”. However I continued watching, admittingly having to go and read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia after each film to find out what had actually happened. Overall, the Saw franchise also took up a good part of my week, so it deserved a mention here. These films can quite possibly be summed up in only a few words: Disgusting, complicated and shite. But they are definitely worth the watch, honestly.

3. Socialising – The most obvious of the three, so I’m not going to go on about all the examples of it. The one I would like to mention is the flat Christmas meal we all went out for last Tuesday. It is quite remarkable that 21 people who have only known each other since September can all go out for a meal and night out together. I’m not going to lie, obviously not everybody gets on with everybody and we aren’t all best friends all of the time, but generally we could have ended up with a lot worse people. Frankie and Benny’s was the choice of restaurant, and it really was a great night and a decent meal. We exchanged Secret Santa gifts, had a few drinks, and even had a cheeky wee game of ‘Guess the Bill’*. All was well, untill that bill actually arrived on the table… £592! To put it simply, the room arose into mass confusion and panic. It was like a riot. Some were running up to the bar to pay their own meal and others were handing me their money to collect it all together. It was a disaster. We reached the stage where some people had paid and left, and I had around £300 in my hand to pay what we thought was the rest. (I’ll be honest, the thought of running away with the money and avoiding all 20 of them for my next 4 years at uni crossed my mind) but alas, I did not. Anyway, I went up to pay, only to be told that we were “short”. Now, I work in a restaurant. When most people are short on a bill, it may be only a few pounds, a tenner at max. We were £137 “short”… Nothing else needs to be said.

However, what I would like to say is a massive thank you to Ilona for organising secret santa and the entire night. Without you, all 21 of us probably wouldn’t have even made it out of the halls together. If you get the chance to read this, each and every one of us is grateful and I’m sure everyone had a good night. I know I did. So again, thanks from us all.

4. Studying – I never did any the entire week. Quite simple really.

So, that’s how the last week of first semester went in my eyes. I am now looking forward to a week at home, then back to Stirling for my only exam on the 19th and two of my most anticipated gigs of the year, both in the form of The Twilight Sad (more to come on them in the future).


*Guess The Bill is a game in which diners who are eating out at a restaurant quite literally guess how much they think the bill will be before it arrives. The person who guesses the closest to the exact bill is the winner and wins absolutely nothing. A game only introduced to me on Tuesday night by Lewis, it is one which I shall be playing at all my future dinner outings, and I urge you to do so too.



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