Ahhhhhh, Stirling!

As we now approach the end of our first semester at university with only a few days remaining, I thought I’d take a look back at how things have progressed for us all. For a start, I’ve survived. So that’s good. In addition, Klark has survived too (I know many of you will be surprised) and it looks like he’ll be returning to Stirling after the Christmas break. So that’s also good. I still have to make him his dinner every night, wake him up for his lectures in the morning, make sure he knows where everything is and keep an eye on his spending – but he’s still here so we can’t complain. Lewis is a whole other story. I don’t know how, but me and him just seem to have bonded over the past couple of months. From the very fist week I think we both realised the we have similar interests and share similar opinions, and both seem to have the same awful sense of humour. Generally we just seem to get on really well. Some say we’re like a wee married couple sometimes – but we’ll leave those stories for another day. I can tell already that Lewis is one of those ‘friends for life’ I was on about in my first post, and I am now even looking forward to going to Aberdeen to visit him and his family in the new year – now I know what you’re thinking, nobody looks forward to going to Aberdeen. But surprisingly I am!

First semester at uni hasn’t all been fun, games and friend-making though…

There have been some awful lectures, some very tense and awkward history tutorials, a couple of deadline struggles and many problems with the delivery service of Lee’s house (the most local Chinese takeaway). Over an hour we waited that night. Shocking. It came eventually though and to be honest, it wasn’t even worth the wait. “Not as good as your cooking Rori” as Klark always points out.

In other news, the kitchen is still a mess. No matter how many ‘kitchen rules’ we stick up around the walls, James persists in leaving 4 or 5 day pasta, tuna, beans and other nasty foods lying in bowls in his wee corner next to the sink. It actually doesn’t even bother me anymore now, so I don’t even bother telling him to wash them anymore. However, as much as it pains me to say, me and Rachel may have to abdicate our positions as ‘kitchen captains’ for semester 2 and let other people do the telling off. The cleaner doesn’t really clean our kitchen much either, just incase you were wondering.

It’s a beautiful campus we live on here at the uni. Stirling is a beautiful city too with so many touristy attractions for students and visitors alike to visit. There’s Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, the – well that’s actually all there is really, and we haven’t been to either of them yet. Beautiful place though, honestly.

The union is a lovely place during the week. With events running every night – Monday through to Friday anyway – we always have a place to go. From pub quizzes, to karaoke night, to the open mic night, you could say that there is something for everyone. We won the pub quiz once too. As I recall, ‘The Quizlamic Extremeists’ was our team name. When I say ‘we’ won the quiz, I really mean Lewis won it whilst Chris, Lisa and I sat at the table drinking and providing moral support. I did help drink the crate of beer that we won as a prize though, so I still count myself as a team player.

Weekends are weird in Stirling though. I’ve heard the phrase ‘locals night’ flying around (meaning Fridays and Saturdays). These are nights for – yes you’ve guessed it, the local people of Stirling. Apparently us students get out own nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays for venturing out onto the mean streets of Stirling town. As if they need to segregate us more than they do already: sticking us all in our own wee contained campus four miles from Stirling City centre. The campus seems to empty at the weekend anyway though. With no enticing events at the union (like the weekdays…) and with weekends being the only chance some people get to travel home to see their families or for work; living in university halls at the weekend can become somewhat lonely. For example, during the weekend just passed, I only left the building a couple of times – one being a 2am impromptu drive to the 24 hour Tesco in Alloa for a “massive scran” as Klark called it. Tesco was shut due to a break in. And let’s just day we’re lucky to still be alive…

It really is nice to wake up every day and be around so many great people. Even if it is Chris who only seems to turn up when someone is cooking or ordering food in the hope that he can get some. Or Iona, who will be looking to scavenge, well almost anything she can from anyone, anytime. Then there’s Lisa who is so nice she couldn’t even tell Klark his feet smelled awful as he waved them around one night. There’s James who is literally scared of washing dirty dishes. Or Rachel who is apparently so ‘massive time’ we rarely even see her anymore. Chloe is too busy specialising in mattresses at IKEA that she has to leave us every weekend. Craig is from Longniddry and has a habit of losing jackets in clubs. For Laura, everything is either ‘pure dyno’ or ‘pure raj-mahal’ – there is no inbetween. Lewis is just Lewis. Kevin probably hasn’t even realised he’s at university yet. Zoe lives in room 19 (and rarely leaves). And finally there’s Klark who’s – well he’s still here and we’ll leave it at that.

So, maybe now it’s time to recap on my first semester at uni. Stirling is beautiful and there’s lots for us to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays; the weekends are quieter; the union is ‘great’; the kitchen is untidy; we all still get on, and Klark is still here.

Until next time, cheers!


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