A Dirty Habit?

Hi. I know it’s only been a few days since my last blog. However I quite enjoyed writing it so tonight I just thought “fuck it, lets do another one!”

First it came down to deciding what to write about, bearing in mind I had to find something interesting. With this I struggled.  It’s not that I’m not an interesting person (ofcourse I am), maybe that I just don’t have the inspiration or the incentive to write. However after long consideration and discussion, I have decided to write about ‘the pub’.

The pub – or public house – is a funny auld thing isn’t it. I realised this during the weekend just passed when I returned home to Muirkirk from Stirling. Whilst stuck in traffic during the long journey back home, I decided to text my friends: “I’m coming home tonight, what are we doing?”. There was really no need to wait for the reply. “Pub”. I don’t think I was really looking forward to going to the pub, and even contemplated staying in the house for the weekend.

Anyway, I ended up in the local pub on Friday night. The football was on, so it was inevitable really? With a pint of Tennents in my hand and surrounded by old men furiously shouting at the multiple TVs around the room, I felt right at home (If you remember from my last post, I’m not really big on the football). The highlight for me however, has to have been that goal that was scored on the 74th minute (had to google that). Every other person in the pub – except from me – jumped to their feet instantly when Sean Maloney put it away. “YAAAASSSSSSSS!” they shouted. I don’t even think I was watching. I stayed in my seat.

Soon however, the football finished and life was good again. We all moved on to normal conversation (and on to vodka too). A few hours and a few measures of Grey Goose later, we were all essentially pished. The pub closed and then we all went back to our own houses. That’s how it works isn’t it. Luckily for me though, Scotland are playing England on Tuesday night. So guess where I’ll be going…

Anyway, I thought I’d keep this one nice and short as I’m just heading out to the pub with my flatmates. Cheerio.


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